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Are you looking for an alternative to natural grass or a way to spruce up your rooftop? Look no further than artificial turf rooftops! Luxe Blades is the leader in artificial turf rooftop installations and has completed over 500,000 sqft of artificial turf surfaces all across the United States. Read on to discover why artificial turf rooftops are becoming so popular and how they can benefit residential and commercial properties.

1. What are artificial turf rooftops?

2. Benefits of artificial turf rooftops for residential properties

3. Benefits of artificial turf rooftops for commercial properties

4. Why choose artificial turf from Luxe Blades?

What Are Artificial Turf Rooftops?:

Artificial Turf Roof Tops are an innovative way to enhance your rooftop with artificial grass. Instead of having to invest in costly maintenance for natural grass or pay for expensive artificial turf installations on the ground, artificial turf rooftops provide a unique way to spruce up your roof without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Artificial Turf Rooftops for Residential Properties:

Artificial turf rooftops are becoming increasingly popular for residential properties as they offer significant benefits. Since artificial turf does not require any mowing or watering, it is a great option if you want to save money on costly lawn maintenance and conserve water at the same time. Additionally, artificial turf can be designed to fit any space and can even add extra insulation when installed properly - making it an excellent choice for energy-efficiency.

Benefits of Artificial Turf Rooftops for Commercial Properties:

Artificial turf rooftops are also a great option for commercial properties. Businesses can benefit from artificial turf rooftops in many ways, such as increasing the appeal and aesthetic to draw potential customers, providing an additional space for gatherings or events, and even reducing noise levels from surrounding traffic.

Why Choose Artificial Turf from Luxe Blades?:

When it comes to artificial turf rooftop installations, Luxe Blades is the leader in the industry with over 500,000 sqft of artificial turf surfaces all across the United States. With their extensive experience and commitment to quality services, Luxe Blades is your go-to when it comes artificial turf rooftop installations.

When it comes to artificial turf rooftops, Luxe Blades is the leader in the industry. With artificial turf rooftop installations becoming more and more popular, it’s clear that artificial turf rooftops provide significant benefits for both residential and commercial properties. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your rooftop, artificial turf from Luxe Blades is the perfect solution!

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Quotation Mark
We had an amazing experience with Julian and Luxe Blades! They are extremely communicative, professional, and did a fantastic job with our yard. Julian was with us every step of the way, explained the process thoroughly, and even came by after the work was completed to do a follow up and provide helpful tips for maintenance. We are extremely pleased with Luxe Blades and highly recommend!
Chelsea Rebro
Celina, Texas
Quotation Mark
The yard looks fantastic, my dogs love it, and Nick was patient and understanding throughout the whole process. There is not a doubt in my mind that if I had to do it 1000 times over I would chose you guys without a blink of an eye.
Jayson Hogan
Tampa, FL
Quotation Mark
Contracted with them for my front yard with K-9 turf, to be installed by Luxe Blades. and it looks awesome. Nick the Owner went above and beyond the normal call of duty to satisfy this picky customer.
Dennis J.
Frisco, TX
Quotation Mark
Excellent service. Very professional and timely from start to finish. Competivley priced to other companies in the area. We decided on them due their knowledge and patience at the beginning of our project!
Noelle Cairns
Tampa, FL

We don't just install turf.  Our founder and owner Nick Ogilvie has literally written the book on artificial turf installation.  All of the pitfalls and things you need to know about the industry and how to make sure that your turf job looks like a million bucks.  A lot of guys like to act like they know synthetic turf but with over 20 years of experience and a team of personally trained installers.  We guarantee your turf is going to look amazing.  ORDER NOW

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Luxe Blades is a team that strives in providing our clients with the best synthetic surface for their needs while providing excellent customer service. We have over a combined 90 years of Artificial Turf knowledge.  Whether you’re looking for a small yard or sports field, we have the right application for your needs.  If you are looking for a Pickleball Court or Basketball Court etc. we have you covered there as well.  Click Here for Game Time Courts

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